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This bibliography is a list of references used for the blog posts and for research for the book.  It is not comprehensive. It will include the resources that we have found most useful in researching and presenting these blogs. A book may be useful for different subject areas, but will only be listed once under the topic it represents the best. URL references will be included when available. We will add to this bibliography as we post blogs and find more helpful references. So visit it frequently.

At the bottom you will find a list of historical fiction novels from this era that we have found enjoyable. If you have resources or historical fiction novels you would like to recommend, please leave us a comment.


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17th Century Voyages

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Shipboard Journal of John Winthrop

What to Bring

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Mayflower provision list:

New England and Massachusetts Bay Colony

New England

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Massachusetts Bay Colony

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Native Americans

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Wars and Battles


King Philips War

Revolutionary War

Historical Fiction about 17th Century New England

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