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John and Mary (Gawkrogers-Platts) Prescott


Mary Prescott (1630-1706)


Martha Prescott (1632-1655)

Martha and twins died shortly after childbirth in 1655. These were her only children.

John Prescott, Jr. (1635- )


Sarah Prescott (1637- )


Hannah Prescott (1639-1697)


Lydia Prescott (1641-1723)

Children of Lydia (Prescott) and Jonas Fairbanks will be listed under Jonas Fairbanks

Children listed here will be step-children or children by Ellis Barron, Jr.

Jonathan Prescott (1643-1721)


Jonas Prescott (1648- )


Friends of the Original Prescott Family

Daniel Champney by Carole Clark-Florida Daniel Champney and Jonathan Prescott helped ransom captives after King Philip’s War


Founders of Lancaster, Massachusetts